Bugs fixed!

15th April 2014 2:41pm - 4 comments

Just updated Ironfell, with a handful of bug fixes…

  • Maui Eggs will now appear.
  • Improved stability on Android. Update the app in the Google Play Store!
  • Fixed too many trades in your trade list creating lag.  Problem was some people had over 1000 trade proposals in their trade list.  Clear or remove your old ones!  The list now only shows the 20 most recent proposals.  You need to clear those out so you can see older proposals.
  • Added some extra reporting in case PayPal stops working.
  • Stonemason’s don’t show code input if they try to put a Stone Circle on a mountain or hill.
  • Stone Circle Code input, now focuses on the input box, so you can just start typing.
  • And added the name of the realm to the realm chat panel.



Bug Fixes!

11th April 2014 9:06pm - 6 comments

- You can no longer create one way Stone Circles.
- All existing one way Stone Circles have been deleted.
- Old Oil Tanks can now be destroyed.
- Oil Seep spawn rate has been slightly increased.
- Time gates no longer land on Stone Floor.
- When dinosaurs are on auto-gather, and they plant a wollemia seedling, they now turn off auto-gathering.
- Fixed the “You have been disconnected because you have signed in somewhere else.” bug :)


Calling all bugs!

10th April 2014 9:48pm - 9 comments


Sorry about the server down time today. I started upgrading the mac mini servers to the latest version of OSX. Worked fine for servers 1 & 2. But server 3 had OSX 10.8.5 and when the upgrade to 10.9.2 ran, it didnt reboot the server. I blame apple. As soon as the server guys wake up it should be back up and running.

If you know of any bugs in Ironfell can you drop a comment here to remind me about them?

Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a day soon fixing some bugs.

The bugs I know about are:

  • One way stone circles.
  • Unstable / bad performance on Android
  • Old oil tankers need to be destroyable.
  • Check Oil Seep spawn rate. People want more oil.
  • Check time gates landing on stone floors.
  • Too many trades lag the android app.
  • Throne on wood bridge.

EDIT: Found some more bugs on an older list:

  • Stonemason: don’t show code input if they try to put it on a mountain or hill.
  • SC Code input, focus on the input box, so you can just start typing.
  • Dinos on auto gather and you manually plant a wollemia they don’t turn off auto gather
  • Changed realms in the middle of saving a bookmark and all my bookmarks were disabled until I made another saved bookmark.
  • I hatched a neutral stegosaurus and couldn’t use the arrow hex in the movement selection until i moved it normally
  • On android galaxy you can’t create a dino from an egg, eg tapping on the select box doesn’t work.
  • Woodcutter are on long-move, and stay on long move after stopping, then go to auto-gather and move in long move? or create an infinite loop that crashes flash.
  • Attempting to login elsewhere bug happens too often. Can i soften this?

Gosh it has been a while.

19th March 2014 9:04pm - 18 comments

I cant begin to explain how busy I’ve been. I wish I could have spent more time on Ironfell.   And I’m still very busy… but hey,  lets talk about something fun I’ve been thinking about…

I made a mistake making the entire map of earth into the 50 or so realms that currently exist in the game.  There needs to be more realms, new realms need to be automatically added over time, and creating the new realms also needs to be automated.  Limiting earth to so few realms was bad, sorry! :)

Here’s what I’m thinking about…  doing a reboot. Starting over with a new universe.  The realms in this new universe will still be the map of earth.  But zoomed in a lot more.  Imagine that earth is made up of about 20,000 realms.  No empty ocean or desert realms.  Mostly coastlines, or interesting rivers and lake areas.

The original universe was procedually generated based on random seeds, and in a similar way this new universe will be procedually generated based on google maps of earth.

So the new universe will start with about 200 realms.  Bigger than the current universe.  And as new realms are needed, they’ll be automatically created.

I’ll probably center it all on New Zealand, and it’ll expand outwards with at least one new realm a day from there.

The connections between realms will also be procedually generated, so the whirlpools and tunnels will be placed in a much more systematic way. So moving around the universe will make more sense.

Hopefully by the time that the full 20,000 earth realms have been created, I’ll have the space expansion ready and you’ll be too busy flying around in space to worry about little old earth.



p.s. Scorcher… I don’t reply to your emails because you are so negative. It’s really hard to stay motivated on such a huge project as Ironfell.  Be positive in your emails and you are much more likely to get a reply. :)


Merry Christmas!

22nd December 2013 12:15pm - 3 comments

Presents for you!  Faster Oil and a week long speed run!

Oil Seeps still hold the same 40,000 Oil.

Pumpjacks used to extract 60 Oil per hour, taking about 4 weeks to empty an Oil Seep.

One reason you don’t see new Oil Seeps appearing often is because the existing Oil Seeps take so long to be used up.

So… I’m going to change the rate that Pumpjacks collect oil.  It now takes 3 DAYS for a Pumpjack to empty an Oil Seep.  Or 555 oil per hour per Pumpjack.

** WARNING ** I will probably lower this number down after Christmas. **

And the speed run is approximate x2 speed.  So not as fast as the previous speed run, but I’m going to leave it set at x2 speed for at least a week (unless the servers melt).  AND there is a possibility this new speed will be permanent. :)


Falazar Cheating

26th October 2013 5:42pm - 13 comments

I’m not very happy with this situation.  Stuff like this makes me feel terrible, and think about shutting Ironfell down.

Lots of people have suspected Falazar of using bots to cheat.  Last week someone sent me some evidence, but I could not 100% prove that Falazar was cheating.  It was possible he was just playing a lot.

I’m not going to discuss the details, but today I setup a trap, and caught Falazar cheating.

I am 100% certain that he used a bot today to scan realms.

Falazars account has now been deleted.  All 130,000 units removed from Ironfell.

Do not use bots.

david, :(


Falazar is not a robot

17th October 2013 6:25pm - 15 comments

Falazar was banned for a while today, because it looked like he had been using bots.

I’ve spent several hours looking at it closely, and I don’t think he has been botting.

He does have a couple of alt accounts that he uses to keep any eye on things.  And he spends far too much time playing Ironfell,  I dont think thats healthy. :)

He has entered an unhuman amount of data into a spreadsheet/database… but did so by hand.  I dont want to know how long that took.

So he has been unbanned.

Read this post about bots and macros if you want to know more:



Few small fixes

15th October 2013 8:32pm - 3 comments
  • Destroying a keep or castle no longer renames them to abandoned.
  • Keep and castle ruins no longer dissapear when you reset.
  • One sided burrows shouldnt happen anymore but might.
  • Fixed where ory burrows land. Should be empty swamp first, then if all swamp is full it’ll bust through on an piece of occupied swamp.
  • Universities, churches and colleges now expire if they are on swamp.
  • Thrones can no longer be built on bridges.

And I may have a broken finger, get xrays tomorrow.


Todays speed run

12:07pm - one comment

We just had a very successful speed run.  All the units movement and attack ran at five times normal speed.   This was a test, just for an hour, to see how the servers would cope with the faster speed.  I need to check a few more things, but hopefully we’ll be able to do something like Speedy Sundays :)

Few other changes today…

I’ve tweaked where new users start, you should appear in slightly better places now.

Pumpkins are back!  Farmers make them. They’re just decoration and only available around Halloween.

I’ve tweaked the oil formula, to take into account people hording Oil.  New Oil Seeps will start appear in game today.

Fixed gathering trees, so it now decreases your unit count correctly.



one comment

Auto Planting

30th September 2013 4:43pm - 2 comments

Diplo’s and Ultrasaurus can now Auto-Plant trees.  And cut them some slack… dinosaurs aren’t very smart.  They will probably get stuck often when they’re auto-planting.

And BECAREFUL… if you a dinosaur auto-planting meets someone auto-gathering… they will get stuck in a plant/gather loop and you will spend ALL your Food and Wood constantly planting trees.

And to fix a bug with eggs not hatching, now when something is standing on a dinosaur egg and its time for it to hatch.  The egg will be squashed and you won’t get your dinosaur.

Falazar thought of a better suggestion.  If you have someone standing on an egg and its time for the egg to hatch.  The eggs timer gets reset. So the server doesnt have to constantly check eggs that can’t hatch,  and you don’t lose your egg.

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