One day to go!

1st July 2014 1:23pm - 3 comments

Reboot in less than 24 hours :)   Excited much? :)

The old old universe is now offline.

The current universe is still going for a bit longer.  I’ll probably shut it down around 9am tomorrow morning.

Reboot will be going live around lunch time tomorrow.   I don’t have an exact time, as I’ll be waiting on databases etc to copy.  But it’ll be after 12 tomorrow. (nz time).

I’ve just copied the user accounts from the old and current universes.  So from now on, no name, colour or password changes will be transferred to the new universe.

And a reminder…   in the reboot, use your existing email address and password to sign in.  This gets you the same name and colour you have used before.  And if you spent any money on resources in the last 6 months, you get those as an extra resource bonus.

If you used the same email address in the old and current universes… use the password you used in the current universe.

Almost there :)


Servers offline for a few hours.

30th June 2014 10:50pm - 2 comments


Sorry about this, but I’ve had to take the game and web servers offline while I do some OSX updates.   The central server is upgrading from OSX 10.7.5 to 10.9.3 … and its going to take at least an hour, and I can guarantee that something will go wrong :)

So take a break, go watch some TV.

And here’s a photo of Sebastian helping me…



Reboot Release Notes

8:03pm - 8 comments

Reboot is almost here!  Will be live around lunch time Wednesday 2nd July New Zealand time.

1st universe was the one with home valleys, lobby realms and lots of oceans and mountains that looked the same. 2nd universe was the one with no home valleys, and you just started out in the PVP world somewhere random. This new reboot is the 3rd universe. It’s a mixture of the above two, but bigger, and with Alliances.

The reboots version number is 1.0.8 (0084).

If you play on Android, I recommend going into Google Play and updating Ironfell. You might also need to update Adobe Air. There are lots of bug fixes and performance improvements, so you should definitely do this. And you can do it now, to get ready before the reboot goes live.

So what’s new?

There is a new universe, with about 7000 custom realms to make up the map of earth. And you can now form Alliances, members of an Alliance can’t attack each other, so you can jointly defend or attack.


  • Sign in using your previous email/password to get your previous username. You also get the same colour as you had before.
  • Anyone who has spent money on resources in the last 6 months can sign in using their previous details and they will get bonus resources equal to the amount they previously purchased.
  • There are just over 7,000 realms that make up the map of earth.
  • At a random time every day, another earth realm is opened up and connect to the currently open realms by whirlpools and tunnels.
  • Safe Home Valleys are back.
  • The Whirlpool in your Safe Home Valley connects to an open realm and once every 24 hours it random connects to a different location in a different open realm.
  • If you do not play for 28 days your account, units and realms are deleted. You will receive an email warning around 21 days. To stop this happening, simply sign into your account once every 28 days.
  • When you reset your account, your home realm is deleted, and a new empty home realm is created for you.
  • Flowers now randomly spawn in realms and they can be destroyed.
  • There is much more shallow water in the new earth realms.
  • There is much more swamp terrain in the prehistoric earth realms.
  • Flagships are no longer restricted to lakes. If you build near water, you may be attacked by a Flagship. There are more flagships, but not all are activated yet. They are placed at random in the earth realms.
  • Beginners guide and FAQ on the website have been updated.
  • Most units have had their attack or health tweaked so that offense is slightly cheaper than it used to be. See the tech-tree for current statistics for each unit.
  • Fish are now found in prehistoric realms.
  • The background colour has been changed to green.
  • Realm names can now be changed, email David if you think a realm’s name could be better.
  • There is a new grid size, even smaller than the current smallest size.
  • Blue and brown Pterodactyl’s are not in the reboot.
  • Whirlpool artwork has been updated so that it looks correct on shallow and deep water.


  • Members of an Alliance can not attack each other.
  • Alliances give people a great advantage in situations like a real-time Carrack battle with 2 or more players micro managing their Carracks versus a single user.
  • There is a new Alliances panel, top left, 4th red arrow.
  • In there you can create a new Alliance which requires a name, motto and crest.
  • Invite people to be your Allies in a similar way to creating trades. Click a knight/prince/queen etc and select Alliance Invite, then select an adjacent unit belonging to the player you would like to send an invite to. They then need to accept your invite in the Alliance panel.
  • You can leave an Alliance at any time using the Alliance panel.
  • There is no way to kick someone out of your Alliance, so choose your allies carefully! (this feature will be added in the future).
  • If an Alliance has no members, it stops existing.
  • Alliance Crests appear next to players names in the chat and other interface panels.
  • There is a new Chat panel, for chatting to the other members of your Alliance. It’s the third red arrow up from the bottom right corner of the screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Baby Mauisaurus always appear next to water now.
  • If you save a bookmark outside the map bounds, it now restricts the bookmark to the edge of the map instead of allowing negative x,y co-ordinates in bookmarks.
  • Towers now auto-attack units at random (instead of always attacking to the left).

Performance Improvements

  • All new database connection layer in pure python , x10 faster than the previous version which used ctypes.
  • Name and colour changes are now instant, no need to relog.
  • Lots of small fixes to things that were causing lag.



Get your Alliance Crest ready

12:48pm - add a comment!

I had to change the crest icons a bit… 16×16 pixel images didnt work right, so I redrew all the ones that I could as vectors. This works better when the interface scales.

Have a play with the Crest Maker below… :)

p.s. it probably only works on desktop browsers as it uses flash, sorry mobile people!

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New Safe Home Valleys

26th June 2014 1:10pm - 20 comments

In the reboot, when you register or sign in for the first time, you get a Safe Home Valley  to start in.   This is the same as the old universe.   The Safe Home Valley is a private realm that nobody else can get into, you are safe there! :)

You get a Small Iron Mine, some trees and a few signs to help you get started.

The Whirlpool is a one way Whirlpool.  It takes you to a random place in a random realm.  Every 24 hours the destination of the Whirlpool changes, so if you don’t like where it goes, wait a day and it’ll go somewhere new.  This means your enemies can’t camp the Whirlpool destination and trap you in your home realm.

If you reset your account, your home valley gets deleted, a new home valley is created, and you are placed in that new home valley.  This is great for new users who make a mess of their home valley and want to clear it and start again.

Deleting a realm is a new feature, and I wasn’t able to do that in the old universes.  When a realm is deleted, all gates going to it are deleted, all units removed, all bookmarks to that realm are removed, etc.  If a user is in a realm when its deleted, they get sent to their Safe Home Valley.

Another new feature… in the settings there is a new hexagon grid size.  One smaller than the smallest size. The screenshot above is 100% at that new grid size. :)

6 days to reboot!


Reboot date confirmed. 2nd July.

25th June 2014 4:44pm - 10 comments

Okay! We are now feature complete for the reboot. New universe and alliances are complete.  I need a week for testing and updating text on the website.  And you need a weeks notice so you can get ready for the crazy gold rush that is an Ironfell reboot.

The most important thing you need to know about this reboot is… if you’ve spent money on resources in the last 6 months, you get those same resources when you sign into the new universe. 

The reason for this is that I need ALL the servers for the reboot.  The old and current universe will be going away sometime in the next week.  Thankyou to everyone who has spent money, sorry but the old universes need to go away. Anyone who has spent money in the last 6 months get the same resources as a bonus in this new rebooted universe.

To collect those bonus resources, you will need to sign in with the same email address and password you used previously.   This will also get you the same username and colour as you previously used.

The consequence of that is… if you have an account in an old universe, you can  sign in with your old details.  You don’t need to register a new account.

If you want to keep playing with an old existing user name, sign in with the same email address and password that you have used before.

Stay tuned… I’m going to try and post every day this week with more detail about the new universe.



p.s. I don’t have an exact time for when the reboot will be available. I’ll start changing things over around 9am on the 2nd of July New Zealand time.  It’ll probably take 3-4 hours to get everything moved over.  And another 3-4 hours to get everything stable.  So if you’re super keen, be standing by from 9am on the 2nd of July NZ time. :)


Progress – Create Alliance Panel

19th June 2014 10:04am - 19 comments

Making progress… here’s a screenshot of the Create a new Alliance panel…


Members of an Alliance can not attack each other.  So you can jointly defend places. Build towers next to each other.

You can only be in one Alliance at a time.  If you want to belong to more than one Alliance it’s okay to use an alt account.

Name and motto (just noticed the typo, oops) are pretty obvious.

The Alliance crest has a sigil / letter that can be anything you can type in.  Special character symbols look good in there.  You can choose a colour for the sigil and a different colour for the shape of the crest.  So far, there are 67 crests in the game.  The crests get shown next to your name in places like the chat panels.

At some point in the future I’ll setup a way to change these details, but for now, get the details right first time, or you’ll have to make everyone leave the Alliance in order to create a new one with the correct details. :)

At the moment there are no ranks or permissions in Alliances.  You are either in the Alliance or you are not.  Every member of an Alliance can invite anyone into their Alliance.  Anyone can choose to leave an Alliance at anytime.

BUT, and this is a big but… there isn’t a way to kick people out of an Alliance. I know this will cause a lot of drama.  A kick command would need ranks and permissions, and that would pretty much double the time it’ll take to build Alliances. I’m storing who created an alliance and in what order people joined alliances. So in the future I’ll be able to give out ranks like Founder, Captain etc. And allow ranked people to change who is ranked in an Alliance. And then let ranked people kick players out of an Alliance.  Definitely want to add this, but it won’t be in Ironfell when we reboot.

I can’t give a date for when the reboot will happen yet.  I need maybe 3 or 4 solid days programming (its very hard to find good days with all the power cuts I keep getting).  Then when everything is feature complete, I’ll give you 1 weeks warning :)   and I’ll spend that week testing and re-writing things like the beginners guide.




Alliance Crests

10th June 2014 2:28pm - 25 comments

I’m making really good progress. The reboot is pretty much ready to go.  So now I’m working on Alliances.  :)

When you create a new Alliance, you get to pick a little crest icon for it.  These will appear next to your names in chat and in a few other places.

You’ll get to choose the crest shape and colour,  then pick a letter and colour for the letter.

The icons are 16×16 pixels, and they need to have a 10×10 pixel solid space in the middle for the letters to fit.

Anyone feel like drawing some more crest shapes?



Earth 2014

8th May 2014 6:24pm - 18 comments

Just wanted to let you know that I have been working on Ironfell… here’s a zoomed out view of the new universe… its slightly larger than the current map :)



Bugs fixed!

15th April 2014 2:41pm - 6 comments

Just updated Ironfell, with a handful of bug fixes…

  • Maui Eggs will now appear.
  • Improved stability on Android. Update the app in the Google Play Store!
  • Fixed too many trades in your trade list creating lag.  Problem was some people had over 1000 trade proposals in their trade list.  Clear or remove your old ones!  The list now only shows the 20 most recent proposals.  You need to clear those out so you can see older proposals.
  • Added some extra reporting in case PayPal stops working.
  • Stonemason’s don’t show code input if they try to put a Stone Circle on a mountain or hill.
  • Stone Circle Code input, now focuses on the input box, so you can just start typing.
  • And added the name of the realm to the realm chat panel.


Ironfell Badge