Few small changes today…

28th September 2013 8:13pm - add a comment!

Catapults are cheaper.   200 wood, 500 iron, 200 knowledge.

New Stone Circles and Ory Burrows have 5000 hit points.

Stats for churches have been tweaked, so they give out their knowledge quicker, but are a more expensive option for gaining knowledge than Colleges and Universities.

You can now attack neutral buildings.

Made it more likely for new users to start in a realm with Trees.


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Few bug fixes

23rd September 2013 9:03pm - add a comment!

Just a few bug fixes today, and increased the starting resources to help out new players.

  • Fixed auto-attack so that it now targets units at x=0 or y=0.
  • Fixed phantom units being click-able in the void.
  • Fixed the Ironclad Ship Wrecks not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed account reset not keeping count of how many times you’ve reset.
  • Fixed Castle Whirlpools so they now go to the correct type of realm.
  • Increased the starting resources to Food 36k, Wood 36k, Iron 36k.
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New Universe is Live!

21st September 2013 8:11pm - one comment

The new universe is live now and everything is running smoothly.   Its a bit of a gold rush at the moment, everyone is trying to stake out territory and resources.

I’ve just restarted the servers, here’s the change list:

  • New users *might* now start with an Explorer Caravel on water, instead of on land.
  • New users won’t start on 1 hex islands now.
  • If you are signed in when you reset your account, you are now forced to sign out.  When you sign in again you are looking at your correct new starting location.
  • Your ‘Starting Location’ bookmark now has the data in its name, to make it clearer where your starting location is after an account reset.
  • Universities no longer turn into Werewolves.
  • Wollemia Seedlings are now really cheap and easier to build (the dinosaurs move onto the saplings after building them)
  • Dinosaur eggs are easier to build (the dino moves onto the egg after building it)
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New Universe – America

6th September 2013 11:23am - 2 comments

The new universe starts with 50 custom realms, very loosely based on Earth.  “Very loosely” means I made up pretty much everything except the land mass outlines.

There’s a few realms which I know are really really wrong…  do you want to fix them? 

Here’s my (photoshop) source file for north america:

Turn off the black mask layer, and show slices.  Each slice becomes one realm. Export for web, user slices only.  And they should export to PNG files.

If you don’t have photoshop… here are the exported PNGs:

The PNG images get imported into the game, each pixel becomes one hex cell.  A hexagon grid is similar to a square grid. Every column of pixels is moved half a row down the screen, so the 6th x column is 3 y cells down on a hex grid.

Here’s the colour key:
#252C35   VOID
#66BF75   GRASS
#DEB157   HILL
#73503F   VOLCANO

Whirlpools are pixels coloured cyan, anywhere from #01FFFF to #EFFFFF.  So red can be anywhere from 1-254 and green and blue have to be 255.  The red component is used to match the whirlpool to another whirlpool the exact same colour in another image.

Tunnels (there is only one type of tunnel now), are like Whirlpools but in the range.  #FFFF01 – #FFFFEF.

Feel free to download and mess with these images, and email them back to me :)  Best ones will be used in the new universe.

Here’s North and South America… the mountains in North America are really wrong.  I drew them late at night and was very tired.   I’m sure you can do better :)



Custom Realms

1st September 2013 2:33pm - 5 comments

I’ve started drawing the custom realms for the new universe.  They are loosely based on Earth.

Because everywhere is PVP in the new universe, Farms and Paddocks will always be vulnerable.  So there are lots of Herring, which will hopefully be fought over.

I need to focus on getting things done, and can’t spend time answering everyone’s questions right now but I have read them  :)



Ironfell Reboot?

21st August 2013 8:43pm - 14 comments

So here’s the plan!  I want to create a new Ironfell universe, new realms, new accounts and a clean slate.  The current universe will still exist, and stay as it is.

Below is a rough break down of what will be new in the the new universe (that I need to figure out a snappy name for)…  none of this is final.  Feel free to argue any points in the Suggestions section of the Forums. :)

Smaller, 50 to 100 custom realms (no risky or trailblazer realms).  This will make terrain valuable, something worth fighting for.   Everywhere in the game will be active, instead of the tens of thousands of empty wasted realms we currently have.

  • All PVP.  Even castles and keeps.  Everywhere will be PVP.
  • No starting realms. New accounts get an explorer randomly placed somewhere. This means making alts wont take up server resources.  The resources you start with will be enough to start you off, but not enough to make creating accounts to get the starting resources worth while.  Creating ALTs to steal theit starting resources will still get you perma banned.
  • Food, Farmlets, Paddocks and Herring will work as they currently do.  Except every being PVP will mean that your Farmlets and Paddocks are vulnerable to attack.  This hopefully makes Herring useful.
  • Same goes for Wood, Trees and Woodcutters. Everywhere is PVP, they are always vulnerable.  I will probably increase the amount of Wood in normal Trees to compensate.
  • Iron mines will give out Iron faster than they currently do.  And Iron mines will never run out of Iron.  There will be a fixed number of Iron mines so you will have to capture and defend Iron mines.
  • Knowledge buildings (Colleges, Universities and Churches)… will not expire.  Destroy them and they turn into ruins, but left alone they won’t expire.  They will be vulnerable to attack, as everywhere is PVP :)
  • Oil seeps will appear in random places, you pump the seep dry, and then a new seep will appear somewhere else in the game.  Ideally with a fixed amount of oil always available to collect.
  • Electricity, will work as it does now.
  • Wooden Towers will either get a +1 range increase, or I’ll add a rifleman version of the Wooden Tower. This means defending becomes cheaper than attacking (like it used to be).
  • Flagships will be restricted in their movement, they’ll probably only exist in lakes in a few of the realms.
  • Keeps and Castles will be the only realms that users can create.  They will always be PVP and the only resource they contain is Trees.  So hopefully there will not be thousands of them created.
  • The website will direct new users to the new universe.  You’ll have to go to a different page on the site to access the old universe.  The Desktop and Android versions will only connect to the new universe.  This is to make my life easier :)
  • The abusive behavior rules will be greatly relaxed.  Say whatever you want to.  I have been terrible at enforcing this in the past, and either people have to stop being duckwits or I have to let you be duckwits.  Also means I’ll change the games rating on the Android store from E for Everyone to be Medium maturity.

All of this will hopefully add up to a smaller, tighter game where strategy is more important than rushing masses of units.

So that’s the plan, now I just need to find the time to do it :)



Accounts disabled

8th August 2013 8:17pm - add a comment!

I am really sorry about this, but new accounts have been disabled.

It’s partly because people have made so many alt accounts, but that is not the main reason.  I can’t justify spending money on more servers.

Ironfell is not profitable and I can not afford to continue adding new servers – they’re expensive!

Details of how much Ironfell has lost are here:

Buying extra resources is also turned off.  If I do have to shut Ironfell down I don’t want people to feel like they’ve been cheated out of their money.

You can still play, but chances are Ironfell will be turned off sometime in the future, unless I can figure out a way to make the servers cost less and the game more profitable.


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Banned people this week

1st August 2013 5:48pm - add a comment!

I’m not going to go into specifics about why each person was banned.

Please keep your language and conversations clean while playing Ironfell.

For example; If you talk about raping another player, you will get banned.

I can also permanently delete accounts now.

And if I have to spend too much time dealing with people misbehaving, I won’t be able to work on improving Ironfell, and might as well shut it down.  And yes, that is an option.  So please, please, just behave.

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Werewolves Update!

23rd July 2013 8:41pm - 8 comments

The werewolf update is live! (at least it will be a few minutes after I post this).

Most of these changes are to make the servers run more efficient. Fewer woodcutters, fewer everlasting auto-generating resource buildings. And a few bug fixes.

These changes will take about 28 days to come into effect, as old unused woodcutters turn into Werewolves. All the existing Woodcutter creation times have been randomized, so they will turn sometime within the next 28 days. You may have Werewolves already!

The next change after this is the great realm purge. All the empty, unused realms and user accounts will be removed. Which will make a HUGE difference to the currently overloaded servers. Less lag and less disconnections.

Full list of changes are:

  • Woodcutters become Werewolves after 28 days.
  • Farms become Farm Ruins after 28 days.
  • Paddocks become Paddock Ruins after 28 days.
  • Colleges become College Ruins after 56 days.
  • Universities become University Ruins after 56 days.
  • Woodcutters, Farmlets and Paddocks creation date has been randomized so they are all less than 28 days old.
  • Colleges and Universities have been randomized so they are all less than 56 days old.
  • Miners now build Safe Tunnels and Risky Tunnels.
  • Safe Tunnels Cost: 200 Food, 100 Wood, 200 Iron.
  • Risky Tunnels Cost: 300 Food, 300 Wood, 100 Iron. !!CHEAP!!
  • Conquest and Trailblazer Tunnels can not be built (old one still exist).
  • Safe Tunnels built in your home valley take you to the matching safe lobby realm.
  • Safe Tunnels built elsewhere take you to a Safe Valleys.
  • Risky Tunnels built anywhere take you to a PVP Valley (with Iron or Oil).
  • New risky realms always have at least one iron mine.
  • Risky and trailblazer realms are automatically created over time.
  • I now have a tool that permanently deletes a user, their realms and ALL their units.
  • Fixed: Bug that made that time gate appear in the ocean.
  • Fixed: Bug that created echo’s of the realm at x location 768
  • Ironclads get their own shipwreck.
  • Added an option to sign out of general chat

Todays Changes

17th June 2013 10:29am - one comment

Today’s changes are:

  • Auto-attack is now limited to the units range only.  So T-Rex auto attack only goes 1 hexagon.
  • Velociraptors have now got auto-attack abililty.
  • Stone Circles, Tunnels and Stone Gates built in Public or PVP realms must be spaced 1 hexagaon apart.  They can be close together in castles, keeps and home valleys now.
  • User names can no longer contain < or >
  • Android app has been updated, hopefully this will fix some bugs and help performance.  Update it from the Google Play Store.
  • Coloured Pteradactyls should now be given to people when they spend money.  Even if their volcano’s are occupied.
  • Added user coloured hats to Riflemen.
  • And added more nines.  The resource limit is now 999,999,999,999.


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